Merseyside Team Lightning June 5th, 2017

Ten teams competed for the newly presented Tankard in memory of John Davis. We had three teams from Atticus, two each from Aigburth, Liverpool and Prescot, and a single team from Formby. There were only eight 4-0 results and the seven 2-2 draws showed that many of the matches were finely balanced.

Only Atticus 1 won all their matches, so they managed to build up a considerable lead. The final result was Atticus 1 winning with 20 points. Runners-up were Aigburth 1 with 16 ½  points. The rest of the teams finished in alphabetical order!  

Congratulations go to Andrej Stancak, David Lawson, Giovanni Silas and David Odunaita, the members of the Atticus 1 team.

Thanks go to Prescot and Knotty Ash for the venue and for the work they did to arrange the furniture and equipment.

The president, Mike Barrett, presented the trophy, thanked Dave for his supervision and control of proceedings and made special mention of Kevin Sartain asking his Prescot colleagues to pass on the Best Wishes of the competitors and indeed MCA members generally for a speedy and full recovery

Dave Welch

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