New CLM Features

We are constantly developing and improving the CLM 3 to make it the best Chess League Manager.

  • The CLM 3.8.5d is ready for the new 4-digit ECF Rating numbers
  • improved import of english clubs and players from the ECF database: done by a simple left-click on the mouse
  • As many Leagues, Team Tournaments, Knock-Out-Tournamengts and individual Tournaments as you like
  • serveral tie-break-systems are available: Buchholz, Sonnborn-Berger, ...
  • Elaborated rights management for administrators, controllers, club officials, ...
  • Match results can be submitted online by team captains using a computer or smartphone and the controller gets an e-mail
  • automatically generated League statistics and Season statistics available
  • calculating inofficial ECF Rating numbers after every game and match
  • The CLM 3 is ready for single tournaments too, have a look: 10. Atticus Open/Summer Tournament 2020
  • Upload pgn-files of all matches to show them on the frontend
  • club officials can edit their club detail
  • Event Callender integrated
  • Lists: all matches of a club or team
  • pdf files available: season booklett, tables, ...
  • download csv-files: all fixtures of a league, all fixtures of a team and import these files into Excel for your own use
  • show all fixtures of a club or of a team on your Joomla website
  • Maps (Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps) with Route Planner available to show venues
  • List of all matches of a club: choose a club and click on "Season's Schedule"
  • ...

Download the CLM here: MCA Downloads, Joomla & CLM 3

If you have questions or if you need assistance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.