Liverpool & Merseyside -v- Manchester

You may recall that 2 years ago Liverpool Chess Club (and players from all Merseyside teams) had a 200th Anniversary chess match against Manchester Chess Club (no longer exists - a member from each club in Manchester region).
This was 200th Anniversary of when the old Manchester Chess club was formed. Liverpool Chess Club played annually against Manchester Chess Club for approx 100 years 1850 to 1950?
Well we have been in touch with the old enemy once again and we are looking to organise a match on Lichess with a similar request for players from all the clubs in the Merseyside and Manchester regions to have representation if possible. Hopefully we can make this an annual event again, either online or OTB.
Can I ask you to canvass the players in your clubs to see who wishes to take part. No problem if it is multiple players from one club for the online format, the more the better really. Any individuals who wish to take part please join Liverpool Chess club and friends on LiChess. A date has not yet been confirmed  for the Manchester game but I expect it will happen in the next few weeks 
Obviously any individual interested would need to register on Lichess then search for and join our team.
This team has already taken on Chester, and teams from Madrid, Porto and Italy recently and we are playing another Spanish team and friends “Elche” this Sunday afternoon. We will also be arranging games against some other teams over the next few weeks/months New York, San Francisco, Edinburgh, Dublin and many more so please join our team you would like to be involved.
BTW Liverpool Chess club also has a Liverpool Chess club members only team so when we play any other Merseyside teams we would now use this members only team of course.
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