Submitting match results with a mobile phone

CLM-App for Smartphones

Now it is possible to report the results immediately after the end of the match using any mobile internet device like a smartphone or a tablet. There is an app for Android 4.0 (or newer). Other internet devices may bookmark the website.

You can download and install this app directly from the Google Play Store (direct link to the CLM-App). Or you may search the Google Play Store for "ChessLeagueManager", "Android Apps" and "Free".

Updated: 20/01/2019    Version: 1.0.0    Size: 66k

If you have downloaded and installed the old version 0.3.4 you may delete this old app and install the new version.

CLM-App Logo
CLM-App Logo

App for Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich"

First the App requests all informations neccessary, which are:    
website =
user = <your user name>
password = <your passwort>
https (Active Encryption) = yes
allow all certificates = No (in almost all cases; "Yes" only in cases, if the website uses unsigned certificates)


Bookmarks for other Systems

All other systems may bookmark the URL in their browser. The functionality of this link is the same. Please protect your username and password. Thank you.



@ Team Captains and Club Officials

All team captains and all club officials are invited to register on our MCA website. This is necessary for managing all teams, leagues, competitions and club details as easy and smoothly as possible.

Thank you for reistering yourself and for your understanding.

MCA webmaster

User Registration

You are welcome to register yourself on our website.

Registering on our website the webmaster requests you strongly to

  • register with your real name
  • to activate your new account in at last two weeks
  • to provide all neccessary information, in particular juniors and their parents

Otherwise the account will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Martin Blasczyk, MCA webmaster


Important notice: an elaborate rights management has been introduced

Register Yourself on our Website

The GDPR makes it necessary to introduce an elaborate rights management for our MCA website. To experience the full potential and to get access to internal restricted areas of our MCA website you need to register yourself and to send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mentioning your full name, your chess club and if your position (player, president, team captain, secretary, ...). The webmaster will then give you the additional rights.

Juniors and their parents have to register on our website too.

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