Merseyside Chess Juniors 2016 – 2017

MCA Junior Chess League 2016/2017

Chess is universally accepted as an activity that is intellectually stimulating, a productive use of time and a valuable tool for the development of the mind, especially amongst juniors. In recent years chess has enjoyed a resurgence across the country and especially on Merseyside.

The Merseyside Chess Association is the organisation responsible for promoting, organising and controlling competetive chess on Merseyside and is officially recognised by, and affiliated to, the English Chess Federation (ECF).

Junior chess on Merseyside has enjoyed a period of steady progress and improvement in recent years and a number of clubs affiliated to the association now have a thriving and active junior chess scene. Some of the Juniors are already showing considerable promise and will no doubt be future chess leaders, which is universally welcomed.
The Association strives to develop an environment where Junior chess can thrive and as such believes that is is now time to progress things even further and whilst Merseyside Juniors are currently able to enjoy competitive chess through the main Association’s competitive divisions, the general view is that a focussed and dedicated Junior competitive chess league is now the next natural step.
The proposal, therefore, is for the establishment of a dedicated Junior league on Merseyside to supplement the current arrangement and for this to be established in time for the normal chess season start in early September 2016.
Going forward it is hoped that this new Junior league will become firmly established within the overall chess community on Merseyside and will develop and expand even further in 2017 and beyond.
The Association has now established a Junior Organising Committee, which is led by a specifically appointed Junior Organiser whose job it is to put in place the overall framework to support Junior chess on Merseyside. This initiative is the first step in that direction.

In establishing the Junior league, the Association has agreed some outline principles as follows:

  • Junior members will be eligible to enter into the league as part of a Junior team consisting of 5 members per team.
  • Teams are eligible from both primary and secondary schools, the age limit is up to 16 years.
  • The Merseyside Chess Association League Management Systems, which is an Internet based system will facilitate the ordering of fixtures and displaying of results on the MCA website.
  • Teams can be entered from existing Chess Clubs in Merseyside or completely independent of those existing clubs.
  • Overall management of the division and the rules governing it’s structure will be provided by the Merseyside Chess Association
  • The Merseyside Chess Association will provide the necessary day-to-day management of the league through a league controller who will oversee the conduct of the league through the season.
  • All games are played under disciplined, time-controlled conditions in accordance with the established laws of chess.
  • Junior chess players showing promise or talent shall have a realistic prospect of representing Merseyside in the Junior County teams and from there, have the potential to represent England.
  • Individual Juniors will be registered onto the Association’s league management system with the individual results from each match (including the names of the players) being displayed in public on the Association’s league management system.
  • The league will have equal standing to the existing Merseyside Chess Association divisions.
  • The winning team at the end of the season shall be awarded the title of Mereyside Junior Chess Champions.
  • The Junior player who accrues the most points throughout the course of the season shall be awarded the title of Merseyside Junior Chess Champion for that season.

The Merseyside Chess Association are keen to see this initiative grow and thrive and you are asked to consider whether you would like to be part of it being established.
If this is something that would feel would be of benefit or you need further information then please contact me to discuss further This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Merseyside County Teams

We also have up and running Merseyside County teams for the Under 9 and Under 11 chess players. The teams are made up of Junior chess players from schools and chess clubs across Merseyside.

MCA Junior Chess Congresses 2016-2017

We will be running Junior Chess Congresses throughout the chess season. Please see dates below more details and entry forms will be available nearer the congress dates.  We welcome all schools and chess clubs to take part.  The congress is open to all chess players aged 4 – 18 years of age and chess playing ability.  
Chess players are put into age groups on the day with trophies and medals for the top 3 players in each section.

Venue Date
Merchant Taylors’ Senior Girls School, Crosby, Liverpool L23 5SP 15th October 2016
Merchant Taylors’ Senior Girls School, Crosby, Liverpool L23 5SP 26th November 2016
Merchant Taylors’ Senior Girls School, Crosby, Liverpool L23 5SP 4th February 2017

If you require further information regarding Junior chess please do not hesitate to contact me

Cathy Rothwell  
Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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