Results Report using a mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, ...)

Using any mobile internet device you are able to report the results immediately after the end of the match.

Important: This app is not available at the UK Google Play Store.
You will find this app in the download area of this website.
Or copy&paste this link:
To download and install it on your mobile device you have to enable on your smartphone "allow download from another source". After you have installed this app on your smartphone you may disable "allow download from another source" because of security reasons.

App for Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich"

At first the App requests all informations neccessary for the use, which are:


User Name: <Your Username>

Password: <Your Passwort>

Enable encryption: yes

Allow all certificates: yes

bookmarks for other systems

Using other systems you may bookmark the CLM website in your browser. Together with this bookmark your user name and your password will be stored too: Make sure your mobile device is secure. This is equivalent to the App for Androids.

User Name:


Link und QR-Code erneuern