CLM 3 & Smartphones

App for Smartphones to submit match results online to the Chess League Manager CLM 3

To download and install this app on your smartphone from this website, you have to enable on your smartphone "allow download from another source". After you have installed this app on your smartphone you may disable "allow download from another source" because of securiry reasons.

This app does not track your smartphone and does not send data to a third party.

CLM-App for Smartphones

With this app, team captains and other registered users of the Chess League Manager CLM 3 (with sufficient rights), can submit results online using their smartphone.


URL: your-domain.xyz    (without "https://" and without a "/" at the end) e.g: merseysidechess.org.uk
Username: <your username>
Password: <your password>
Wnable encryption: Yes (in case of a https-website) No (in case of a http-website)
Allow all certificates: Yes


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