Welcome to the new season

 Welcome to the new season

Can I make sure that you are all aware of the MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES that comes into effect this season. This rule is shown on the website and in the handbook. Please make sure that all members are aware of the rule.
Before the start of any match the home team captain or another responsible person should announce that all mobile phones are to be switched off. If a player has a legitimate reason for leaving his phone or other electronic device on then this should be agreed by the captains before the start of the match.
Members of the committee and club captains are further invited to demonstrate this rule by switching their phones off and placing them face down alongside the board.
Good luck for the coming season

Dave Pearcey
President MCA


Players 2018

The CLM 3 is ready for the new season!

All players have now been imported into the CLM 3.

At least on September 4th the ECF has published the "August" grading list. I immediately downloaded the list, imported all players into the CLM 3 and assigned the team captains to their teams. Sadly I did not have all the necessary information. If you experience any problems, please contact me. I will update the website e.g. the CLM 3 as soon as I get the missing or updated information.

All team captains are requested to submit the match results online. Additionally the can update the list of players of their team by themselves.

In the download section of this website you will find a HowTo for team captains.

Have a great season and support us by submitting all results using our website and the CLM 3.


@ Team Captains and Club Officials

All team captains and all club officials are invited to register on our MCA website. This is necessary for managing all teams, leagues, competitions and club details as easy and smoothly as possible.

Thank you for reistering yourself and for your understanding.

MCA webmaster

Fixtures 2018/2019, latest update

Fixtures 2018/2019, latest update

The fixtures 2018/2019, updated on 09/07/2018, are now ready. You can access them on this website, just click on "MCA Leagues and Tables" and click through the menue "MCA Leagues 2018/2019"

As a service for all clubs, you can download spreadsheets of all fixtures. Go to "Downloads" and choose "Merseyside Chess Association". There you will find the files "Fixtures 2018/2019" in .xlsx and .ods format. Both are identical. The fixtures are for every club and every league/division.

NCCU Senior Final

Prescot & Knotty Ash are the new Seniors Champions!

The final was held on 30th June at the Bradford Latvian Club.
It proved a close match, but in the end a victory for the Prescot & Knotty Ash Club, who beat holders, South Shields, by 2½-1½. The Merseyside Club were outgraded on every board but in the end youth triumphed over age and experience – South Shields were on average 10 years older than their opponents.

Match scorecard:

Prescot & Knotty Ash

South Shields


Mike O’Mahoney

½ – ½

Joe Watson


Kevin Sartain

½ – ½

Paul Bielby


David Owens

½ – ½

Brian Towers


Michael Delaney

1 – 0

Dave Patterson

2½ – 1½