200 year anniversary of the foundation of Manchester Chess Club

On Sunday 3rd September Manchester Chess Federation celebrated the 200 year anniversary of the foundation of Manchester Chess Club with a match against their oldest rivals Liverpool Chess Club founded 1837. The Liverpool team consisted of a representative from almost every club on Merseyside as the Manchester team also had a player from each club in the Manchester league.

The first Manchester v Liverpool match was 18 April 1855 and in 1965 a centenary game took place (allowing for the WW1 and WW2 years) The details of which are seen in one of the photos below showing many Manchester and Liverpool chess legends one of whom Harry Lamb played in the 1965 game for Manchester.

Harry Lamb can be seen today stood next to Dave Leeming who has been the secretary of Liverpool Chess club for the last 40 years. The Liverpool team which was made up of many teams from the Merseyside area travelled by train as did their predecessors. The Liverpool team travelled to Manchester together by train as did their predecessors for over a century.

The match saw 35 players fielded for each team representing all clubs from the Manchester and Merseyside regions. Present were 25 adults and 10 juniors for each side.

The 25 adult match saw a much higher graded Manchester team get the better of Liverpool by a final score of 15.5 - 9.5. This was also reflected in the junior match which ended 14 - 6 to Manchester.

The venue was fantastic and Manchester put on a wonderful buffet lunch for players and spectators. The pictures show all of the players involved in todays match as well as some of the Liverpool team as they left the Albert Square Chop House venue.

The match was a huge success and hopefully the old rivalry which has been in existence long before the football rivalry we see today will now continue with a rematch already being arranged for 2018 in Liverpool. Results are attached.


  Name Club Grade Result Name Club Grade
1 Adam Ashton FM 3C's 227 0.5-0.5 Roger Williamson Aigburth 209
2 Andrew P Horton 3C's 226 1-0 Steven Jones Widnes 206
3 Paul Macklin Chorlton 222 1-0 David James Atticus 194
4 Jamie Horton 3C's 204 0.5-0.5 Marek Mazek Widnes 188
5 Aiden Rawlinston MSC/Urmston 206 1-0 Daniel Savidge Chester 187
6 Daniel T Lee Chorlton 195 0.5-0.5 Mike Stone Hoylake 184
7 Alan Smith Stockport 194 1-0 Melquiades Suarez Buceta Liverpool UG
8 Peter Mulleady Great Lever 182 1-0 Mike Hardman Liverpool 177
9 Tim Hilton Blue Club/MSC 169 0.5-0.5 Mike Clarke Liverpool 164
10 Glen Trueman Marple/Ashton 166 1-0 Tom Whitby Liverpool UG
11 Stephen Stokes Bury 160 1-0 Tom Lancavic Liverpool 158
12 Dennis Owen Urmston 159 0.5-0.5 Mike O'Mahoney Wallasey 155
13 Harry Lamb Bolton 158 1-0 Kevin Sartain Prescot & Knott Ash 154
14 Carlos Vigier Lopez Denton UG 0.5-0.5 Diego Agejas Garcia Liverpool 147
15 Tim Chatys Ashton 151 0-1 Piotr Z Lipka Liverpool 146
16 Martin Gauwe 4NCL Team 149 1-0 Steven M Lloyd Liverpool 146
17 Ian Lamb Bolton 135 0.5-0.5 Dave W Leeming Liverpool 143
18 Grzegorz Chatys Ashton 132 0.5-0.5 Ian P Stephens Liverpool 134
19 Gordon Glover Bolton 128 0-1 Tony AG Morley Liverpool 131
20 Lawrence Harold Eccles 121 0-1 Tom Iveson Liverpool 124
21 John Hennessy Sale 114 1-0 Joe Butterworth Prescot & Knott Ash 118
22 Sajjad Afifi-Dehghan MSC/Sale 104 1-0 Mike Barrett Formby 114
23 Gabor Somogyi MSC/Blue Club 97 0.5-0.5 Rade Tatar Hoylake 114
24 Liam Lougheed Sale 94 0-1 Peter Leonard Liverpool 107
25 Melanie Rawlinson MSC UG 0-1 Sylvia Hebden Liverpool UG

A great day which really does feel part of a fabulous history between the two regions!


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