After ten rounds and only three rounds left to play let's have a look at the table:

Atticus 1 performs a nearly perfect chess exhibition and is non-competitive.

Prescot 1, Atticus 3, Southport and Waterloo Old Boys are competing for winning the tournament. Actually Aigburth 1 and Skelmersdale have some chances for winning this tournament.

Have a look at the fixtures of the five top teams in the three final rounds:

  Prescot 1 Atticus 3 Southport Waterloo Old Boys Aigburth 1 Skelmersdale
29/03/2021 Atticus 3 Prescot 1 Aigburth 2 Wallasey B Wallasey A Atticus 1
12/04/2021 Atticus 4 Prescot 2 Atticus 1 bye Wallasey B Atticus 2
26/04/2021 bye Skelmersdale Atticus 2 Aigburth 1 Waterloo Old Boys Atticus 3

The top matches deciding the champions are:

29/03/2021: Prescot 1 -v- Atticus 3
26/04/2021: Skelmersdale -v- Atticus 3 and Waterloo Old Boys -v- Aigburth 1

Let's have a look at our magical crystal ball. To win the league, a team needs 16 or 17 points:

  • To win the league, Prescot 1 has to win both matches to keep the distance to the "chaser" Atticus 3
  • To win the league, Atticus 3 has to win against Prescot 1 and at least against Prescot 2 or Skalmersdale
  • Southport and Southport have to win all three matches, good luck!
  • Assuming that Waterloo Old Boys win against Wallasey A next monday, they might have to win their matches against Wallasey B and Aigburth 1 too for winning the league.
  • Aigburth 1 have to win all their three remaining matches to keep their chance of winning the league.

Prescot 2 has chances to improve their ranking, if they win against Wallasey A and Atticus 4.

At the end it is most important to enjoy playing chess. All team captains and all players are co-operating very good. Thank you.

Enjoy the last rounds!