Unregistered Players

In order to play in any MCA league or tournament every player has to have an ECF-Code (formerly ECF-Ref-number). To gain this they need to become  a member of the ECF. Upon joining  the ECF they will be assigned an ECF Code.

To join the ECF use the links below:
ECF memberships are available from £ 10.00
New members – JOIN HERE

To register with the MCA and be entered on the CLM once you have your ECF code please forward  your ECF code by e-mail to:
Matthew Carr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Clubs are encouraged to ensure all players are registered both with the ECF and the MCA. Playing unregistered players is not allowed although at the start of the season the MCA is showing some latitude to clubs and will accept the word of Clubs that they are making every effort to get all their players registered. Where they are having difficulties they should explain the situation to the relevant League\Tournament controller.

A team persistently playing an unregistered player runs the risk of board and possible match point deductions in accordance with standard MCA tournament rules

Just to remind Clubs this earlier notice was posted on the MCA website:

By way of warning without an ECF Code it is not possible to list players on the CLM neither for the club nor for the team. Clubs are reminded that playing an unlisted player may lead to board deductions which could adversely affect the match result. To avoid this, clubs mustbregister new players immediately at the ECF and submit all their ECF details (Name, ECF Code / ECF Ref Number, sex (M/W), rating number (if existing)) to the league controllers and the webmaster.

Tom Webb