Here we offer for download whatever may be usefull for you and your teams:

- MCA Club Fixtures 2021/2022
- Match Result Forms
- Manuals for team captains

updated: 20/10/2020

Here you can download a back-up of a blanc Joomla-Website with the latest (20/10/2020) pre-installed Chess League Manager CLM 3 (CLM 3.9.1d) and pre-installed Akeeba Backup. The back-up was done with Akeeba Backup. To install this website you need kickstart (download here).

CLM 3.9.1d is ready to deal with the new 4-digit ECF Rating numbers. For more information please visit: 20/10/2020: New CLM Features!

The Chess League Manager Component CLM can be installed on a Joomla website using the Joomla installation routine. Download and Install first and then Now go to "Components, ChessLeagueManager", click on "Settings", choose "English Version". Go to "Season", create a new Season, activate "New ECF Rating similar to FIDE rating :" (= Yes"), go to Database, import " ecf-structure.csv", go to "Settings" and choose the Chess Association, go to "Clubs", set-up the clubs, go to "Database, Direct Update of the Clubs und Players (England)" and import clubs and players.

Even if these download files will be updated regularly, you are may check for updates after you have installed the website.

If you have questions or if you need assistance, please contact Martin.

Download the How to... and manuals for CLM 3 you need:
(Step by step I will publish How to... and manuals covering ever aspect of the CLM 3)

  • You can edit all .odt and .doc files
  • You can not edit .pdf-files
  • MCA-files are specific for Merseyside Chess Association

App for Smartphones to submit match results online to the Chess League Manager CLM 3

To get  visit Google Play Store, search for “ChessLeagueManager”, download and install.

Or go directly to:


Here you can download the detailed manual for this app.

CLM and all CLM extensions for Joomla 4

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