20/10/2020: New CLM Features!

New CLM Features

We are constantly developing and improving the CLM 3 to make it the best Chess League Manager.

  • The CLM 3.8.5d is ready for the new 4-digit ECF Rating numbers
  • improved import of english clubs and players from the ECF database: done by a simple left-click on the mouse
  • As many Leagues, Team Tournaments, Knock-Out-Tournamengts and individual Tournaments as you like
  • serveral tie-break-systems are available: Buchholz, Sonnborn-Berger, ...
  • Elaborated rights management for administrators, controllers, club officials, ...
  • Match results can be submitted online by team captains using a computer or smartphone and the controller gets an e-mail
  • automatically generated League statistics and Season statistics available
  • calculating inofficial ECF Rating numbers after every game and match
  • The CLM 3 is ready for single tournaments too, have a look: 10. Atticus Open/Summer Tournament 2020
  • Upload pgn-files of all matches to show them on the frontend
  • club officials can edit their club detail
  • Event Callender integrated
  • Lists: all matches of a club or team
  • pdf files available: season booklett, tables, ...
  • download csv-files: all fixtures of a league, all fixtures of a team and import these files into Excel for your own use
  • show all fixtures of a club or of a team on your Joomla website
  • Maps (Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps) with Route Planner available to show venues
  • List of all matches of a club: choose a club and click on "Season's Schedule"
  • ...

Download the CLM here: MCA Downloads, Joomla & CLM 3

If you have questions or if you need assistance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Experience the full Potential of the CLM 3

Experience the full Potential of the CLM 3

There are serveral manuals the download-area of this website covering different aspects of the Chess League Manager. You are welcome to download and to use them. Have a look and experience the full potential of the Chess League Manager 3.

More manuals will be published here soon.

Joomla! 3 + CLM 3

Get your own Chess League Manager!

In the download-area of this website you can download a back-up of a Joomla! 3 website with the pre-installed Chess League Manager CLM 3.3.0 for free. This back-up was done using Akeeba Backup. You need Akeeba Kickstart to install this website.

Even if these download files will be updated regularly, you are asked to check for updates after you have installed the website.
The newest version of the CLM 3 is available here too. Download it and install it using the installation routine of Joomla!.