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Please inform me about your Lichess-team. I will publish this link. This enables us to play fixtures (after the MCA Committee has agreed) and matches against each other.


Lichess: your club nights online

Keep you Club Nights alive - online!

With Lichess (info on wikipedia) you can organise club nights online. Lichess offers tournaments, trainings and much more. Have a look:

A few words at the beginning

Lichess is a french charity, non-commercial, without ads, keeps your privacy, does no data-mining and does not transfer any data to third parties. You may read their Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy to confim yourself. It is free and costs nothing.

About is a free/libre, open-source chess server powered by volunteers and donations. Most “free” websites subsist by selling ads or selling user data. Others do it by putting all the good stuff behind paywalls.
Lichess does none of these things and never will. With no investors demanding profits, Lichess staff can focus on improving the site as their only goal.

Lichess Privacy Policy

4. Disclosing your information.

Your information will only be disclosed if it is legally necessary to do so. For example, if Lichess is ordered to hand over a certain user’s information, or if someone hacks Lichess.

Lichess Terms of Service

Lichess is a registered French charity. Lichess is open source, non-profit, mainly operated by volunteers, and funded by donations. A full breakdown of costs and expenses is publicised monthly, and can be viewed here.

Please read the "Fair Play and Community Guidelines", they are part of the Terms of Service.

Every club may create a "team" on Lichess and invite for online tournaments. If you want to play on this chess-server, you have to register yourself.

How to Lichess:

Register yourself at (Username, Password, e-mail). I like to suggest that you may register with your real name to enable everyone to recognise you.

If your club has set-up a team on Lichess, you can join this team. Simply click on the link provided by your club or click on "COMMUNITY, Teams", search for the team (see the magnifier-icon at the top-right) and click on the green button "Join team" at the top-left. The Team Leader will then activate your membership.

Edit your profile: login at, click on your name, then on "profile". Click on the at the top-right on tool-icon ("Edit profile"), enter "Given Name", "Surname" and your ECF-grade/rating. This is important for generating the pairings in a tournament.

Have a good time and stay healty!